Hampton Court

A Visual Novel Video Game Set in The Court of Henry VIII

The year is 1539 and you are a foreign princess thrown into the midst of the vibrant and strange court of Henry VIII. Your choices throughout the game change your relationships with the characters and influence the story. There are multiple endings. Be careful what you say! How will you fare at court? Will you find love? Will you find fortune? Will you survive to tell the tale?

This is a work of historical fiction. Some of the characters are from history and others are not. What happens in this game is an alternate reality from real history.

Total play time: about 2 – 2.5 hours (with lots of replayability!)

Game, Story, Art, and Music by Chris Collins

Copyright © 2019 Chris Collins, All Rights Reserved.

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Listen to the Soundtrack!

The complete soundtrack is posted on YouTube if you’d like to listen.