Comics / Graphic Novels

by Chris Collins

Nonsense Thoughts

Flip through the pages of “Nonsense Thoughts”, a sketchbook comic series by Chris Collins, which ran for over eight years. This book contains the best of the series. Some of the pages may make you laugh, while others are emotional or inspiring. The original series was drawn in small sketchbooks and posted online.

Paranormal Petunia
Ever since she was a child, Petunia has had a deep connection to ghosts, spirits, and the world beyond our own. That’s why she started her own private paranormal investigation business. Now she helps others, both living and dead, with all manner of supernatural predicaments and mysteries. Meanwhile, she is navigating her own life, searching for true love, and facing off with a mysterious and troubling power within herself. Join Petunia in her adventures (and misadventures) in this graphic novel by Chris Collins.
In The Depths
In The Depths is a short sci-fi comic using minimalist/geometric digital illustration paired with sprawling space scenes. It can be read in one sitting for free online. Included is a custom soundtrack for the story, which hopefully adds to the emotional impact! A limited-edition printed version of this story will be available at local conventions.

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