Chris Collins

Composer, Designer, Artist

Chris Collins

Hi! I am a music composer and freelance designer based in Western Massachusetts. I started my business over 10 years ago, composing music, creating art projects, and serving clients through graphic design and other creative business services.

Currently, I am a music composer specializing in ambient, meditation, and soundtrack music. I sell licenses of my music for other creators to use in their films and projects. I also accept commission work for composition in films and video games. Additionally, I work as a freelance designer for clients and businesses.

I studied music education at The Hartt School before creating my own major entitled “Creative Business Design” at the University of Massachusetts. I live in a house in the woods with my amazing spouse, adorable daughter, and many beloved pets. In my free time I love music, art, video games, nerdy things, nature, and animals.

You can listen to my music on Insight Timer and also on YouTube.