Chris CollinsChris Collins started all this in 2009 with the creation of both the arts blog Nonsense Society and the comic series Nonsense Thoughts. It also featured the beginnings of what would become the royalty-free music site Indie Music Box. In addition to these projects, Chris has provided creative Internet media services to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and larger companies. Ranging from talk show hosts, to healers, to architectural product dealers, to real estate agents, to automobile service companies,  and to tech start-ups, Chris has worked with a lot of people and helped them push their dream projects and companies to the next level.

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About Chris Collins

Chris CollinsChris Collins is an artist, composer, designer, and creative business enthusiast. Creating, promoting, and improving on businesses is what excites him and working with people who are as passionate as him is even more invigorating.

Chris graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree that he designed himself called “Creative Business Design”. UMass’ BDIC program allowed him to do this. The degree was a combination of business, psychology, education, and a touch of the creative arts. While in college, he designed two businesses: a creative arts companionship program for the elderly and the business you are reading about today.

Before UMass, Chris attended the Hartt School of Music, Theatre and Dance for three years where he studied Music Education. At Hartt, he performed classical trumpet in their wind ensemble and big band, sang in their choir, and composed music in private. Before college, Chris was an avid artist, amateur filmmaker, and a vivacious musician, performing in over seven countries and singing/acting on stage. Today, Chris has taken all of these creative experiences and funneled them into his projects, which he hopes will continue to reach and influence many people around the world.

In his personal life, Chris is a geeky guy. He loves Star Wars, comics, sci-fi/fantasy, video games, the possibility of aliens, and thinking about medieval times. He studies Buddhism (in the philosophical sense), is a vegan, and loves the outdoors. He lives in the Northampton area of Massachusetts with his fiancée (a writer/artist) and his cat, Burger.


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