I’m a creative artist, composer of royalty-free music, and work with companies seeking creative multimedia and web-based services. On this site you can see some of the projects I created, the services I provide, and the products I sell.

My Mission

To inspire, entertain, empower, and help people through my creative projects, work with people turn their creative dreams into a reality, and help businesses grow through Internet Marketing, websites, graphic design, and online media.

My Personal Projects

I love creating new projects and businesses. Over the years I have worked hard to create ongoing projects/businesses to satisfy every passion I have. Whether it's art, music, storytelling, or zen, I make sure to do as much as I can in the areas I love. Scroll down to see some websites, publications, and art series that I have created and continue to maintain.


My Sites & Projects

The Nonsense Society is a creative community and publication. For over five years, artists around the world have shared their work and gathered millions of visitors.

Nonsense Thoughts is a comic series. It features photos of a sketchbook with hand-drawn comics about life, humanity, humor, and everything in between. Self-published in a book!

Indie Music Box is a large, online collection of royalty-free music. It offers inexpensive, independent music compositions to aspiring filmmakers and multimedia artists.

Today I Evolve is a self-improvement project about new zen and the art of being better every day. It began as a personal journal, but has grown into something more.

Paranormal Petunia is a drama/romance comic series about a paranormal investigator in Northampton, MA. During her work day she helps people cope with beings from the beyond. After work she’s looking for true love.

"If you are looking for someone who is truly gifted and will deliver lots of value and is an overall creative genius, then I recommend that you give Chris a call (or e-mail). Chris has done several website redesigns for me, and each one gets better and better. I will be continuing to work with Chris because of his creativity, integrity and ability to execute just about any project I need!"

− Doug Foresta, Client

"I just wanted to thank you! You once published an article called "10 Young Photographers to Keep an Eye On" and because of that article Hilary Duff invited me to take pictures of her. I also got published in a well known Belgian paper and I'm invited to do an interview for a regional paper. I think it's awesome you're sharing all sorts of artists on your website."

− Ruth Govaerts, Photographer - About the Nonsense Society

"I believe I talked to you back in 2013 about using your royalty free music. And I've got to say - I LOVE "The Bear and the Sparrow"! I've used your song in almost every video I create, and it has even gone into my films "Double Time" (That went to the White House), and "Oblivious" (which went to the Washington West Film Festival)!"

− Josh Leong, Filmmaker

"I feel like through your work I have gotten to know both you and your readers a little bit. It is nice how you have managed to create this interconnected little web of people who get a small glimpse into each other's lives. It makes the world and the people in it feel a little closer, which is a comforting thought on a cold day like today."

− Estelle, Fan of Nonsense Thoughts

"I knew he would have the skills, taste, experience, and enthusiasm to produce the results I wanted. Energetic and engaging, Chris was a delight at every part of the process, and the final product speaks for itself! I couldn't be more pleased with the resulting logo and brand, which transfers easily from my letterhead to my blog. "

− Natalie C. Kulikowski, Client

"Chris designed a logo for our non-profit organization, Let's Play Books! Not only was I impressed with the quality of his work, but also the way in which he did business. Chris was very personable, offering suggestions while also going above and beyond to satisfy my requests. I recommend Chris highly."

− Kirsten Hess, Client

"Chris Collins: remarkable, creative, entrepreneurial student. He launched two business while still in college. Chris is a talented musician, composer, filmmaker, visual artist. He can also link the arts to technology and business in original ways. Highly recommended!"

− Daniel Gordon, College Teacher

"I had the chance to meet regularly with Chris during his time at the Univ. of Hartford. I also had the privilege of accompanying him when he performed at Carnegie Hall. He is not only one of the most talented but one of the most creative people I have ever met in my lifetime. To pigeon hole him into a single category (musician, filmmaker, artist) is simply impossible. Having seen what he's done creatively up to this point, I will eagerly await any project or venture with which Chris Collins is associated, especially if he is at the helm."

− Borys Bakum, Musician

"I am now a part of one of the best creative communities in the world among young artists."

− Bhumika H. Bhatia, Photographer - About the Nonsense Society

"I would like to say I have a lot of respect for you. I appreciate how you're taking your time to give advice to others, we need more people like you on this planet! I just wanted you to know your generosity and kindness really touched me. Also, your advice is extremely helpful and genuine. You seem like an amazing individual. :)"

− Lilly - about Today I Evolve

"Wow, I love your comics! The simplicity and creativity :)"

− Fadinflower, on Tumblr