Chris Collins – Artist, Composer, Designer, Creator

Chris Collins is an artist, composer, designer, and lover of creative businesses. Creating, promoting, and improving on businesses is what excites him and working with people who are as passionate as him is even more invigorating.

Chris has provided creative Internet and media services to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and large companies. Chris has worked with a lot of people and helped them push their projects to the next level. In general, he tries to work with people who are working to improve the world and help others.

Since 2009, Chris has been starting his own creative projects and small businesses with the goal of inspiring and providing for people through the arts. He has published several books, created many websites, composed hours of music, and illustrated hundreds of comics.

His projects have reached millions of visitors, his artwork shared and enjoyed by people around the world, and his music has been scored into hundreds of films and creative projects. Chris has worked hard to start a project for every creative passion that he has and is incredibly happy to make his living this way.


  • Graphic Design
  • Infographics
  • WordPress
  • Web Services
  • Illustration
  • Music Composition
  • Business Consultation