Designer, Composer, Comic Artist

I’m a designer, comic artist, composer, and a lover of creative businesses. For years I’ve worked as a freelancer, providing creative media and Internet services to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and larger companies. If you’d like to work together, please get in touch.

My Comics

Paranormal Petunia is an online webcomic and graphic novel in-progress starring a paranormal private eye named Petunia who lives in a fictional version of Northampton, MA. During the day she solves supernatural mysteries and at night she is looking for love. Visit the site: paranormalpetunia.com

Nonsense Thoughts was my first comic, which I started in 2009. It features drawings in sketchbooks. They are often inspirational but sometimes just silly jokes. Nonsense Thoughts has been popular on the Internet and continues to be a very fun project for me! Visit the site: nonsensethoughts.com

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My Music

Indie Music Box is an online marketplace I created in order to share and sell the royalty-free music I compose. My music has been featured in hundreds of films all around the world. Feel free to listen to some previews of music I have written below. Visit the site: indiemusicbox.com

Past Projects

The Nonsense Society is an arts blog and community that I curated starting in 2009. It featured and promoted hundreds of artists around the world and garnered millions of views. Visit the site: nonsensesociety.com

Today I Evolve is a zen/self-help e-book filled with empowering articles to simplify and improve life. The articles were inspired by my interest in zen, mindfulness, meditation, and trying to become a better person every day. Visit the site: todayievolve.com

Client Work

I enjoy working with many different people and helping them to push their projects and businesses to the next level. I am usually drawn to clients who are working to improve the world and help others.

Thanks for checking out what I do. If you’d like to work together, please get in touch.